In November, Briana DeJesus announced on Instagram that one of her exes had an STD (“he got the clap!”) Name this (allegedly) infected Briana ex!

Which of these ‘Teen Mom’ stars was NOT arrested in 2019?

In September, The Ashley exclusively revealed that Amber Portwood kept a custom-engraved sword by her bed. What was engraved on that sword?

In January, who said this about David Eason: “That dude’s got issues. I stay out of it so he doesn’t come after me. I don’t want him threatening my life.”

Which one of these ‘Teen Mom’ stars was NOT a guest on Kail Lowry’s “Coffee Convos” podcast in 2019?

In October, which MTV reality TV star did Farrah Abraham claim tried to date her?

In April, who proclaimed that they were quitting the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, writing on Instagram that being on the show “wasn’t a fit for me, it took away my peace..”

In April, Leah Messer’s sister Victoria got knocked up by a rafting guide they met while on vacation in Costa Rica. Name that fertile rafting guide!

In August, Jenelle and David Eason started a GoFundMe page to raise money to help David fight for custody of his son Kaden. How much did they raise before they shut the page down?

Which ‘Teen Mom’ friendship ended in 2019?

Which of these was NOT a place Kail Lowry vacationed in 2019?

In May, The Ashley broke the news that CPS had begun removing Jenelle Evans’ & David Eason’s children from their care. Who was the first kid to be taken?

In September, Cheyenne Floyd & Cory Wharton appeared on MTV’s “How Far is Tattoo Far.” What tattoo did Cheyenne give Cory?

In June, local law enforcement confirmed that there were how many calls to 911 made in the last year regarding The Land?

During an August episode, Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney discussed Taylor's possible vasectomy while doing what activity?

In September, Jenelle Evans (very unsuccessfully) launched her “Universal Brow Kit.” How much does it retail for?

In June, Chelsea Houska took her daughter Aubree to see what concert?

When Tyler Baltierra's sister Amber came to meet Tyler and Catelynn's new daughter Vaeda after her birth, what strange accessory was Amber wearing?